Women's Fleece

Softshell jacket with Sherpa-style fleece inner.

Whiterock Jacket

$69.50 was $139.00
Super-warm, technical pullover.

Ursus Button Jumper

$47.50 was $95.00
Super-warm, technical mid-layer.

Ursus Jacket

$80.66 was $110.00
Casual but highly technical fleece cardigan.

Pathway Cardi

$48.50 was $97.00
Technical fleece cardigan.

Finnic Cardi

$80.66 was $110.00
Smart-casual technical fleece jacket.

Elsey Jacket

$55.00 was $110.00
Relaxed fit, technical fleece pullover.

Quayside Crew Jumper

$53.20 was $77.00
Multi-purpose technical mid-layer.

Microgrid Stowaway Zip

$55.25 was $85.00
Lightweight and versatile insulating fleece jacket.

Microrib Stowaway Jacket

$77.60 was $97.00
A clever, light and ultra-breathable fleece.

Microrib Stowaway Zip

Lightweight gilet in our best-selling fleece fabric.

Microrib Vest

Warm, quick-drying fleece jacket.

Coastline Hooded Jacket