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Women's Linen Plus™

By combining traditional linen with sophisticated modern fibres, Rohan Linen Plus™ features all the cool, classic comfort of linen without looking like an unmade bed.

Not only is it crease resistant, it’s lighter, more durable and dries faster. Sounds too good to be true? Give it a go and prepare for an epiphany.

Smart casual, linen-blend jacket.

Malay Longline Jacket

Smart casual, linen-blend jacket.

Malay Jacket

Warm-weather travel top.

Malay Top

Relaxed fit linen-blend shirt.

Malay Shirt

Easycare, linen-blend trousers.

Malay Trousers

Smart casual, linen-blend cropped trousers.

Malay Cropped Trousers

Linen-blend shift dress perfect for hot weather.

Malay Shift Dress

Relaxed, maxi length linen-blend dress.

Malay Maxi Dress