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Men's Jackets

Technical, smart/casual linen jacket.

Maroc Jacket

Lightweight, crease resistant travel blazer.

Fusion Blazer

Machine washable, technical travel suit jacket.

Envoy Jacket

Lightweight, ‘Harrington’ style poly-cotton jacket.

Airlight Harrington

Practical, 10-pocket canvas jacket.

Freight Jacket

Durable, multi-pocket canvas vest.

Freight Vest

Versatile, 11-pocket adventure vest.

Convey Vest

Warm, water-repellent stretch jacket.

Troggings Jacket

An essential, wind and rain resistant, active shell.

Windshadow Jacket

Technical, insulated work-shirt.

Transit Jacket

Featherweight insulated vest for comfort and practicality.

Spark Vest

Lightweight, versatile wadded jacket.

Icepack Jacket

Lightweight, versatile wadded gilet.

Icepack Vest

Warm, packable down jacket for winter travel.

Tundra Jacket

$172.50 was $345.00
Woven outer, technical fleece jacket.

Headland Jacket

Woven outer, technical fleece gilet.

Headland Vest

Lightweight gilet in our best-selling fleece fabric.

Microrib Vest

100% waterproof, wadded parka style jacket.

Outpost Jacket

Fully waterproof, smart city mac.

Newtown Mac

Lightweight, waterproof, pull-over style jacket.

Hideout Jacket

Waterproof lined ‘Harrington’ inspired jacket.

Dry Delta Jacket

Ultimate waterproof shell for extreme weather.

Guardian Jacket

Class-leading lightweight waterproof shell.

Elite Jacket

Versatile, lightweight, mid-length waterproof.

Atlas Jacket

The definitive all-mountain shell.

Mountain Leader Jacket

Longer length waterproof for extra protection.

Hilltop Jacket

Waterproof, highly breathable calf-length mac.

Globetrotter Mac