All Women's Sale
Lightweight, stretch outdoor waterproof.

Momentum Jacket

$175.00 was $250.00
Technical base-layer or active outdoor top.

Serene T

$34.00 was $50.00
Relaxed fit linen-blend shirt dress.

Malay Shirt Dress

$72.00 was $105.00
Technical, high-stretch, active capris.

Swift Capris

$55.00 was $80.00
Stylish waterproof jacket with hood.

Cloudcover Overhead

$82.96 was $225.00
Waterproof and breathable hillwalking jacket.

Ascent Jacket

$137.50 was $275.00
Elegant, ankle-length trouser for travel or work.

Springback Trousers

$42.00 was $105.00
Classic, 100% merino crew-neck pullover.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Crew

$47.50 was $95.00
Linen-blend, crease resistant travel dress.

Malay Maxi Dress

$60.00 was $120.00
Sleeveless linen shirt, perfect for hot weather.

Malay Shirt

$40.00 was $80.00
Luxuriously soft 100% extrafine merino cardi.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Cover-Up Cardi

$57.50 was $115.00
Lightweight, technical trousers.

Gobi Trousers

$45.00 was $90.00
Waterproof, insulated winter coat.

Hillside Jacket

$162.50 was $325.00
Comfortable, functional trousers for travel and everyday

Hometown Trousers

$37.50 was $75.00
Travel top with Coolant fabric technology.

Serenity T

$32.50 was $65.00
Versatile, technical fleece.

Ambient Jacket

$63.00 was $105.00
Versatile, lightweight summer trousers.


$38.46 was $65.00
Lightweight, tough trekking trousers.

GR Explorers

$75.00 was $125.00
Multi-purpose, technical mid-layer fleece.

Microrib Stowaway Jacket

$57.00 was $95.00
Lightweight, insulated vest for travel and active outdoor wear

Spark Vest

$69.00 was $115.00
Our best selling versatile women's walking trousers.


$63.00 was $105.00
Versatile, stylish shirt with insect protection.

Tian Shirt

$47.45 was $80.00
Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric.

Stretch Bags

$63.00 was $105.00
Crew neck fleece sweater.

Freya Crew

$47.72 was $75.00
An essential wind and rain resistant active shell.

Windshadow Jacket

$70.00 was $140.00
Versatile, lightweight, mid-length waterproof.

Atlas Jacket

$135.00 was $225.00
Lightweight chinos with Insect Shield® technology.

Tour Chinos

$68.05 was $125.00
Classic, practical summer dress.

Springback Dress

$47.45 was $80.00
Linen-blend, crease-resistant trousers.

Malay Cropped Trousers

$63.00 was $105.00
Smart Performance Linen shorts.

Malay Shorts

$47.45 was $80.00
Travel skirt with Coolant fabric technology.

Serenity Long Skirt

$47.45 was $80.00
Lightweight, packable waterproof jacket.

Vapour Trail Jacket

$111.42 was $195.00
Technical knit effect fleece cardigan.

Pathway Jacket

$52.50 was $105.00
Technical travel shirt.

Worldview Shirt

$47.45 was $80.00
Technical, functional trekking trousers.

Summit Trousers

$61.80 was $125.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$72.80 was $105.00
Contemporary, minimalist designed, linen-blend top.

Malay Top

$51.52 was $80.00
Warm weather Performance Linen travel T.

Malay T

$35.25 was $55.00
Relaxed fit linen-blend dress.

Malay Dress

$74.75 was $115.00
Smart, practical sleeveless shirt.

Leeway Shirt

$41.12 was $65.00
Lightweight hooded top with insect protection.

Trail Hooded Top

$64.28 was $100.00
Durable waterproof walking boots.

Ecco Biom Venture TR Calhan GTX

$150.00 was $250.00
Multi-functional summer sandals.

Ecco Cruise Sonora Wide Strap

$75.00 was $125.00
Sporty ballerina-style shoes.

ECCO Biom Vibration 1.0

$75.00 was $125.00
Technical socks for temperate and cool conditions.

Women's Temperate & Cool Socks

$12.00 was $21.00
Lightweight, packable waterproof jacket.

Vapour Trail Long Jacket

$145.90 was $225.00
High-wicking polo for active and everyday wear.

Stria Polo

$39.00 was $65.00
Smart travel trouser with a hint of stretch.

Ayla Trousers

$49.50 was $99.00
Winter-lined version of our popular Jeans.

Winter Jeans

$66.50 was $133.00
Versatile, foldable trekking cap.

Escaper Cap

$21.00 was $35.00
Versatile, high-stretch capri trousers.

Pacer Capri

$74.28 was $100.00
Insect repellent sun cap with cowl.

Trailblazer Cowl Cap

$30.00 was $50.00
Casual technical top for travel, outdoors and every day.

Stria Top

$38.07 was $55.00
Lightweight, short-sleeved, technical base layer T.

Fleet T

$38.07 was $55.00
Lightweight insulated jacket.

Spark Jacket

$100.62 was $175.00
Practical, stylish linen hat.

Malay Hat

$25.20 was $35.00
Softshell with stretch for active outdoor use.

Troggings Jacket

$93.05 was $125.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$62.30 was $90.00
Lightweight mesh and leather outdoor trainers.

Ecco Terracruise Lite Leather

$112.00 was $160.00
Technical warm-weather sock

Women's Inner & Hot Socks

$9.33 was $12.00
Tough, quick-drying webbing belt.

Anywear Belt

$6.66 was $12.00
Waterproof leather travel and everyday trainers.


$135.82 was $195.00
Lightweight outdoor trainers.

Ecco Terracruise Lite

$93.78 was $135.00
Lightweight, textile travel sandals.

ECCO Xtrinsic

$79.82 was $115.00
Warm, technical shirt with brushed cotton aesthetic.

Homestead Shirt

$39.50 was $79.00
Classic collarless travel shirt.

District Shirt

$43.50 was $87.00
Waterproof and breathable jacket for active outdoor use.

Vertex Jacket

$193.97 was $395.00
Low-profile travel trainers.

Ecco Biom Life Street Soloma

$122.50 was $175.00
Tough leather outdoor trainers.

Ecco Omni-Vent Canas

$174.28 was $250.00
Smart, water resistant travel jacket.

All Time Jacket

$53.18 was $135.00
Ultra-light, ultra-packable smart, travel jacket.

Aria Jacket

$46.50 was $93.00
Knitted-effect scarf.

Beaufort Scarf

$19.50 was $39.00
Longer length insulated, water-repellent coat for cold conditions.

Cocoon Coat Long

$133.00 was $266.00
Technical down coat designed for cold weather.

Downtown Coat

$180.00 was $360.00
Classic black leather ankle boot.

Ecco Aquet Boot GTX

$116.90 was $167.00
Sleek modern lace up shoes.

Ecco Aquet Lace up Shoe

$107.80 was $154.00
Waterproof mid-cut lace up boot.

Ecco Babett Lace Up Boot GTX

$121.80 was $174.00
Sporty lace-up, waterproof, walking shoe.

Ecco Biom Venture Gritty GTX

$139.30 was $199.00
Waterproof winter boots.

Ecco Exostrike L Snow Boot GTX

$168.70 was $241.00
Active lace up waterproof shoes.

Ecco Terracruise II Pitkin GTX

$112.00 was $160.00
Soft, technical bobble hat.

Ellesmere Hat

$16.50 was $33.00
Soft, lined, knit-effect mittens.

Ellesmere Mittens

$12.50 was $25.00
Long length 100% extrafine merino cardi.

Extrafine Merino Cardi

$56.50 was $113.00
Luxury merino bobble hat.

Extrafine Merino Hat

$23.00 was $46.00
Luxuriously soft, 100% extrafine merino wool top.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Top

$49.50 was $99.00
Long length water-repellent wadded jacket.

Icepack Jacket

$97.00 was $215.00
Technical fairisle patterned hat.

Isla Hat

$16.50 was $33.00
Cosy, longer-length fleece jacket for travel and everyday.

Isla Jacket

$59.50 was $119.00
Wadded premium Italian wool blend washable coat.

Islay Coat

$65.50 was $253.00
Lightweight, warm, wool blend jacket.

Islay Jacket

$82.50 was $165.00
Relaxed, maxi length linen-blend dress.

Malay Maxi Dress

$74.41 was $115.00
Technical wool travel dress

Merino Union 200 Shirt Dress

$59.50 was $119.00
Lightweight, technical fleece gloves.

Microgrid Gloves

$10.50 was $21.00
Lightweight, technical fleece gloves.

Microrib Gloves

$11.25 was $23.00
Fully waterproof, smart city mac.

Newtown Jacket

$83.73 was $295.00
Waterproof, fully wadded, 3/4 length coat.

Northshore Coat

$160.00 was $320.00
Waterproof, breathable mid-cut boots.

Oboz Bridger Mid Dry

$150.50 was $215.00
Waterproof, breathable walking shoe

Oboz Juniper 8 inch B Dry

$149.80 was $214.00
Packable, waterproof winter hat.

Outland Cap

$26.50 was $53.00
Functional, warm fleece gloves.

Quayside Gloves

$10.00 was $25.00
Relaxed, casual fleece with a half-zip opening.

Quayside Zip Jumper

$46.50 was $93.00
High-wicking, long-sleeved alternative to a classic polo.

Stria Polo

$33.40 was $75.00
Cotton-feel tunic top made from a technical fabric.

Stria Tunic

$39.50 was $79.00
Insect repellent, convertible, stretch trekking trousers.

Trailblazer Convertible

$63.50 was $127.00
Full length cardi made from a technical fleece.

Ridgeway Cardi

$52.50 was $105.00
Durable, insect repellent, stretch trekking trousers.


$56.50 was $113.00
Warm, water-repellent stretch gilet for active outdoor use.

Troggings Vest

$39.50 was $79.00
Durable, touch screen gloves for warmth and practicality.

Stevenson Gloves

$18.50 was $37.00
Technical gloves with high pile fleece lining.

Ursus Gloves

$10.00 was $25.00
Smart skirt for everyday and travel.

Venture Skirt

$39.50 was $79.00
Insulated stretch jacket.

Vista Jacket

$66.50 was $133.00
Fleece lined version of our bestselling Roamers.

Winter Roamers

$63.50 was $127.00
Smart casual, linen blend wide leg trousers.

Malay Wide Leg Trousers

$61.41 was $99.00