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Rohan Statement on the Environment

Rohan’s Environmental Aims

At Rohan we think carefully about how we can grow whilst minimizing our direct environmental impacts. By sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and encouraging reuse we believe we can do our bit to build a sustainable business. We recognize it’s a journey and we continue to look at ways we can improve.

We believe in making a quality product that lasts and that Reduce and Reuse are better aims than recycle.


We design Rohan clothing carefully to ensure our kit fulfils the following criteria:
  1. Quality: clothing that is built to last.
  2. Classic design: clothes that don't date.
  3. Versatility: so you get a broader range of uses from any one piece of our clothing.
What are we saying? Buy fewer clothes, but buy good ones.

REDUCE also means reducing packaging. Some packaging is necessary - we need to get the good stuff to you without it being covered in dust and dirt. However, we’ve successfully reduced packaging, from cartons to collar-cards.


We think that old outdoor clothes shouldn't just be thrown out; they should have a new lease of life on the hills & valleys of the UK. That's why we encourage customers twice a year to gift their unwanted but useful outdoor clothing in all our stores (and their donations don't have to be Rohan).

We then give outdoor gear donations to one of the approved “Gift Your Gear” charity or community groups working with young and disadvantaged people in the outdoors. Outdoor gear donated to Gift Your Gear is reused for its original purpose. It is never traded or sent to landfill.

Since we started our Gift Your Gear initiative, our customers have gifted 85,000 garments, worth an estimated £3.5 million to outdoor charities across the UK.

By gifting outdoor gear, we hope to achieve a real reduction in the number of clothes sent to landfill in the UK – at the moment; it’s around 1 billion per year, which is an average of 16 items per year, per person.

Because our clothing is built to last we believe reuse is key to sustainability.

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