Women's Sale T-shirts, Shirts & Fleeces
Technical base-layer or active outdoor top.

Serene T

$34.00 was $50.00
Classic, 100% merino crew-neck pullover.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Crew

$47.50 was $95.00
Sleeveless linen shirt, perfect for hot weather.

Malay Shirt

$40.00 was $80.00
Luxuriously soft 100% extrafine merino cardi.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Cover-Up Cardi

$57.50 was $115.00
Travel top with Coolant fabric technology.

Serenity T

$32.50 was $65.00
Versatile, technical fleece.

Ambient Jacket

$63.00 was $105.00
Multi-purpose, technical mid-layer fleece.

Microrib Stowaway Jacket

$57.00 was $95.00
Versatile, stylish shirt with insect protection.

Tian Shirt

$47.45 was $80.00
Crew neck fleece sweater.

Freya Crew

$47.72 was $75.00
Technical knit effect fleece cardigan.

Pathway Jacket

$52.50 was $105.00
Technical travel shirt.

Worldview Shirt

$47.45 was $80.00
High-wicking polo for active and everyday wear.

Stria Polo

$39.00 was $65.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$72.80 was $105.00
Warm weather Performance Linen travel T.

Malay T

$35.25 was $55.00
Contemporary, minimalist designed, linen-blend top.

Malay Top

$51.52 was $80.00
Smart, practical sleeveless shirt.

Leeway Shirt

$41.12 was $65.00
Lightweight hooded top with insect protection.

Trail Hooded Top

$64.28 was $100.00
Casual technical top for travel, outdoors and every day.

Stria Top

$38.07 was $55.00
Lightweight, short-sleeved, technical base layer T.

Fleet T

$38.07 was $55.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$62.30 was $90.00
Classic collarless travel shirt.

District Shirt

$43.50 was $87.00
Long length 100% extrafine merino cardi.

Extrafine Merino Cardi

$56.50 was $113.00
Luxuriously soft, 100% extrafine merino wool top.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Top

$49.50 was $99.00
Warm, technical shirt with brushed cotton aesthetic.

Homestead Shirt

$39.50 was $79.00
Cosy, longer-length fleece jacket for travel and everyday.

Isla Jacket

$59.50 was $119.00
Relaxed, casual fleece with a half-zip opening.

Quayside Zip Jumper

$46.50 was $93.00
Full length cardi made from a technical fleece.

Ridgeway Cardi

$52.50 was $105.00
High-wicking, long-sleeved alternative to a classic polo.

Stria Polo

$33.40 was $75.00
Cotton-feel tunic top made from a technical fabric.

Stria Tunic

$39.50 was $79.00