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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering during the Rohan Sale

Why is everything I want sold out?
It is always difficult to completely predict stock availability of all items/size and colour in advance of the Sale. When the Sale catalogue goes to print several weeks before the start date we do have good stock levels of the advertised lines. However items can sell better than forecasted at the full price and stock levels may be reduced in advance of the start date. We are always extremely busy when the Sale starts and it really is on a first come first served basis to be as fair as we possibly can to all of our customers. If you have been disappointed please do contact our Customer Service team on 800 334 3750 who will be able to advise on an alternative garment.

I have received two order confirmations with different order numbers.
Please call our Customer Service department on 800 334 3750.

Can I reserve an item of sale stock?
To make it as fair as possible, we are unable to reserve items of stock that are in the sale.


What happens if I don't like the items or they don't fit?
If you are not entirely happy with your order, simply return it to us in the condition you received it within 30 days and we'll happily exchange or refund you for the full cost of your goods. Please call 800 334 3750 to arrange for a free returns label to be sent to you. We aim to process your refund/exchange within 14 days from receipt into our warehouse.


Why is an item completely sold out?
We are very sorry if an item you would like to order is sold out or delayed. We endeavor to ensure that as much stock as possible is available, however some items sell much better than we predict. Our Customer Service department may be able to assist you with finding stock within the business - please call them on 800 334 3750

Why do you need my telephone number and email address?
In case there is a problem with your order and we need to contact you. We also advise customers of promotions and special offers by email. We do not pass your personal details on to any third parties.

When will my card be charged?
When you place an order, our system will automatically ask your card issuer for authorisation for the order total. If we get a valid authorisation, your card issuer will hold this value, expecting a charge from us in the near future. We will take payment from your account when the order is dispatched from our warehouse

My password does not work
You can click on the password reminder to get a hint about your password or request a new one which will be emailed to you.

Has my order been despatched?
If you have provided an email address, we will send you an email when your order has been despatched. If your order has been despatched by DHL, a link will be provided to track your order. Please note that you will need to sign for your order.

How do I redeem a discount code?
Simply enter the promotional code you have in the Promotional Code box and click apply. You will get a message confirming your discount has been applied.


Why do I have to sign for my delivery?
For security purposes and to allow us to track you parcel from leaving our warehouse to your door.

Why can't I specify a time for my delivery?
Due to the large amount of deliveries each day, our couriers are unable to specify an exact time for delivery.


Why don't you offer more size options for each garment such as longer/short leg lengths?
Whilst we would like to be able to offer a range of fits of variable leg length for every style in our range, this would limit the number of total number styles that we would be able to offer. We have recently introduced alternative leg lengths on many of our most popular trouser styles.

Product Care

How do I re-proof my waterproof?
Initially, a cool tumble dry or iron after laundering is all that is required to restore the water-repellency of the outer fabric. Over time (the length of which will vary with usage) the effects of our water-repellent treatment will diminish and water will stop ‘beading up’ on the surface of the waterproof. At this stage, our waterproofs can be re-treated with specialist cleaning and re-proofing products available from most outdoor shops.

What do the care labels mean?

Please refer the charts below

Wash-care labels
Machine wash at 40 C, normal mechanical action.
Machine wash at 40 C, reduced mechanical action.
Machine wash at 40 C, much reduced mechanical action.
Hand wash only.
Do not wash.
Ironing labels
The dots in the iron symbol represent the temperature of the iron - the more dots the hotter the iron.
Hot (210'C) cotton, linen, rayon or modified rayon.
Warm (160'C) polyester mixtures, wool.
Cool (120'C) acrylic, nylon, acetate, triacetate, polyester.
Do not iron.
Drying labels
These are new optional extras to the care labeling code.
Dry flat (don't hang to dry).
Drip dry (best to hang when wet).
Line dry.
Can be tumble dried.

A cross through one of the above symbols indicates do not do it!

How do I remove stains?
It is inevitable that food and general grease stains may accumulate on garments during wear. The use of a mild stain removing agent such as "Shout", prior to washing, should help to lift out the stain easier during laundering.

I need help with the Stick-up Tape on my Rohan Bags
The iron-on webbing (Stick-Up) tape supplied with Bag trousers has been known to be accidentally applied to the wrong surface when shortening, resulting in white residue showing on the outside. Advice on how to remove this is as follows:

  • Cover the area of the webbing to be removed with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Cover that cloth with another damp cloth and press with a medium hot, dry iron until the heat has penetrated through to the garment.
  • Lift both layers of the cloth off the trousers quickly which should take the unwanted webbing with it.
  • Repeat if necessary using a clean area of cloth until all the webbing has been removed or softened to an acceptable level.


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