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Men's Woven Stretch Belt

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A durable, woven stretch belt that will never let you down.

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Colour: Deep Navy
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The Full Story+

Instead of traditional belt holes, this woven belt stretches to accommodate the fastening pin, wherever you need it - so you can layer up or down, eat heartily or lose pounds without worrying about your trousers moving an inch.

It also makes it easy to dress quickly, in the dark or in confined spaces.

Fabric: Fabric: 50% polyester 45% elastane 5% polyurethane


Features at a Glance+
  • Durable, woven belt in a stretch material.
  • Fabric: 50% polyester 45% elastane 5% polyurethane
  • Width: approx. 3.5cm.
  • No belt holes, simply poke the buckle through the weave.
  • PU leather at buckle and end for durability.
Size Guide+
Smart, crease-resistant, quick-drying travel shirt.
Belt width 1.5"/3.5cm

Mens Woven Stretch Belt

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Age: 61-65
Purpose: Holding trousers up
Length you've had item: 1 month

Pretty, but does not work for me


Using a weave which allows the belt to be micro-adjustable is a great idea but it is completely negated by making it stretchy. Over time a combination of gravity and stretchiness result in my trousers slipping down so the belt has to be re-hitched to an uncomfortable tightness. Another 'clever' Rohan idea which does not work in practice, at least not for me. Please make a non-stretch version.

Age: 61-65
Purpose: To hold my trousers up ;-)
Length you've had item: Three or four months and over a year (2 belts)

A bit of a stretch


I have two of these belts and am about to buy another in the sale.

Priced too high for what they are especially when the ‘leather’ isn’t real but at the sale price, just perfect.

The leatherette wears poorly with my first belt losing the surface skin but it still works okay.

You need to find a better quality leatherette or use real leather Rohan.

Age: Over 70
Purpose: Occasional wear with casual trousers.
Length you've had item: 18 months.

Nice belt; shame about the leather


An attractive and versatile belt, let down somewhat by the poor quality of the leather (?) parts. After only a few months of occasional use, the surface finish had worn away in places, and the end retaining loop had snapped - which was surprising, because that particular part does not come under any stress whatsoever. These failures have not stopped me wearing the belt, but have detracted somewhat from my pleasure in it.

Age: 56-60
Purpose: Daily wear
Length you've had item: 6 months

2 belts both failed!


I like the belt but wish they had leather - for the price they should have. On both belts the poor quality artificial leather has failed and the buckle has separated.

I expect better of Rohan products.

Sorry to hear you have been disappointed. Our Customer Service team will be in contact with you shortly.

Customer Service
Janet Harris
Age: Over 70
Length you've had item: 6 months

Men’s and women’s woven stretch belts


I think these belts are brilliant, so much so that I have recommended them to others. I have a request though...please, please, let’s have some more colours eg cream, coffee for instance, but mainly black, (with suitably contrasting trims). I’m sure these would go down really well with customers. Thank you.

Steve Elms
Age: 61-65
Purpose: A couple of my Rohan trousers needed to be a size larger than I usually have, so this belt is a great aquisition
Length you've had item: 1 month

Mens Woven Belt


Nice belt which adjusts to your needs - especially nice after a big meal! The blue/black weave is great with either blue or black trousers where necessary. However why Rohan chose to put a brown leather like end on the belt puzzles me - surely black would be better? Such a great idea though not to have holes!

Chris Southern
Age: 66-70
Purpose: Every day use
Length you've had item: 6 months

Woven stretch belts


Great looking and functioning belt. Better quality than those purchased elsewhere. The different colourways go with all shades of jeans and chinos and add a nice finishing touch.

David Lowman
Length you've had item:

Review of Mens Woven Stretch Belt


Excellent. Now have two.

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