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Men's Shirts

Reversible, fleece lined, Airlight™ shirt.

Field Shirt

$63.10 was $119.00
Warm, technical travel shirt.

Crosscheck Shirt

$42.04 was $93.00
Smart, slimmer fit, insulating shirt.

Bridgeport Shirt

$42.04 was $93.00
Lightweight merino-blend travel shirt.

Merino Union 150 Shirt

$55.13 was $99.00
Smart, crease-resistant, quick-drying travel shirt.

Newtown Shirt

$59.30 was $93.00
Technical, smart-casual shirt.

Worldview Shirt

$37.20 was $93.00
Versatile long sleeve summer shirt.

Fenland Shirt

$41.38 was $65.00
Expedition shirt with UV and insect protection.

Expedition Shirt

$38.00 was $95.00