Men's Trousers

Technical, smart-casual linen trousers.

Maroc Trousers

$80.50 was $115.00
Perfectly normal jeans, just much cleverer.

Jeans Classic

Winter walking trousers.


Tough and durable trouser with stretch panels for active outdoor use.

Foreland Trousers

Technical travel chinos.

Newtown Chinos

The original travel trousers.


$66.46 was $90.00
Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric.

Stretch Bags

$72.80 was $105.00
Lightweight stretch trousers for active wear.


Quick drying, easycare trousers for work and smart travel.

Hometown Trousers

$47.72 was $75.00
Lightweight, stretch, pull-on walking trousers.


$51.73 was $65.00
Lightweight, tough trekking trousers.

GR Explorers

$87.50 was $125.00
Slim-fitting technical travel jeans.

Newtown Jeans

$69.00 was $115.00
The slim leg version of our technical Jeans.

Jeans Tapered Leg

Machine washable, technical travel suit trousers.

Envoy Trousers

$128.07 was $185.00
Rugged, versatile, stretch trekking trousers.

Summit Trousers

$84.00 was $140.00
Ultra-light waterproof overtrousers.

Vapour Trail Overtrousers

Waterproof lined chinos.

Dry Requisite Trousers

$97.50 was $140.00
Tough walking trousers with a waterproof liner.

Dry Frontier Trousers

$113.50 was $175.00
Insect repellent, convertible, stretch trekking trousers.

Trailblazer Convertible

Durable, insect repellent, stretch trekking trousers.


Lightweight, technical trousers.

Gobi Trousers

$54.00 was $90.00
Lightweight chinos with Insect Shield® technology.

Tour Chinos

$80.55 was $125.00