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Men's Clearance

The original travel trousers.


$51.00 was $79.00
The ultimate everywear trouser.


$47.40 was $79.00
Multi-purpose technical fleece mid-layer.

Microgrid Stowaway Zip

$55.25 was $85.00
Lightweight stretch trousers for active wear.


$49.50 was $99.00
Technical, smart/casual linen jacket.

Maroc Jacket

$126.87 was $199.00
Versatile, winter lined chinos.

Winter Fusions

$59.50 was $119.00
Tropic weight chino with sun and insect protection.

Sentry Trousers

$49.50 was $99.00
Versatile, technical chinos.

On Route Trousers

$64.02 was $99.00
Lightweight, canvas outdoor trousers.

Homeland Trousers

$40.83 was $69.00
Machine washable, technical travel suit trousers.

Envoy Trousers

$123.43 was $165.00
Technical, smart-casual shirt.

Worldview Shirt

$56.73 was $95.00
Waterproof lined ‘Harrington’ inspired jacket.

Dry Delta Jacket

$104.74 was $179.00
Lightweight, crease resistant travel blazer.

Fusion Blazer

$106.84 was $179.00
Technical, smart/casual linen trousers.

Maroc Trousers

$59.40 was $99.00
Classic, 100% merino crew neck pull-over.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Crew-Neck

$68.64 was $99.00
Technical, insulated work-shirt.

Transit Jacket

$100.90 was $135.00
Rugged, versatile, stretch mountain trousers.


$95.66 was $129.00
Longer length waterproof for extra protection.

Hilltop Jacket

$167.89 was $259.00
Lightweight, UV protective shirt for hot weather.

Equator Shirt

$54.89 was $79.00
Woven outer, technical fleece gilet.

Headland Vest

$57.00 was $95.00
Practical, 10-pocket canvas jacket.

Freight Jacket

$99.50 was $199.00
Smart, slimmer fit, insulating shirt.

Bridgeport Shirt

$47.50 was $95.00
Lightweight, versatile wadded gilet.

Icepack Vest

$81.43 was $139.00
Waterproof lined chinos.

Dry Requisite Trousers

$82.13 was $139.00
Lightweight, waffle effect, crew-neck pullover.

Gridlock Crew

$49.59 was $63.00
The relaxed ‘cargo’ version of our classic Bags.

Convey Trousers

$51.00 was $85.00
Pull-on, shower resistant walking trousers.


$62.93 was $79.00
Waterproof lined combat-style trousers.

Dry Pioneer Trousers

$96.87 was $139.00
Technical casual shirt

Worldview Shirt

$51.00 was $85.00
Versatile, 11-pocket adventure vest.

Convey Vest

$80.45 was $135.00
Fully waterproof, smart city mac.

Newtown Mac

$198.83 was $399.00
Crease resistant, linen-blend shirt.

Maroc Shirt

$66.42 was $89.00
Tough, technical belt for outdoors and adventurous travel.

Rangefinder Belt

$12.60 was $21.00
The slim leg version of our technical Jeans.

Jeans Tapered Leg

$58.20 was $97.00
Machine washable, technical travel suit jacket.

Envoy Jacket

$234.09 was $335.00
Lightweight, technical fleece gloves.

Microrib Gloves

$11.50 was $23.00
Durable, insect repellent, stretch trekking trousers.


$80.06 was $115.00
The short version of our iconic Bags

Bags Shorts

$45.10 was $65.00
Warm, technical travel shirt.

Crosscheck Shirt

$47.50 was $95.00
Classic, 100% merino half zip pull over.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Zip Top

$80.11 was $115.00
Machine washable, technical travel suit trousers.

Envoy Trousers

$114.78 was $165.00
Versatile, lightweight, mid-length waterproof.

Atlas Jacket

$99.50 was $199.00
Natural, technical base layer.

Merino Union 150 Leggings

$40.50 was $63.00
Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric.

Stretch Bags

$47.50 was $95.00
Technical, machine washable, wool-blend pea-coat.

Cold Harbour Coat

$173.88 was $249.00
Lightweight, versatile wadded jacket.

Icepack Jacket

$115.17 was $179.00
Warm, water-repellent stretch jacket.

Troggings Jacket

$83.73 was $105.00
Ultra-lightweight shirt.

Aura Shirt

$58.91 was $79.00
Practical ten-pocket travel vest.

Freight Vest

$82.50 was $165.00
Ultimate waterproof shell for extreme weather.

Guardian Jacket

$220.30 was $345.00
Machine washable, warm lined fleece flat cap.

Fleece Flat Cap

$14.00 was $35.00
Machine washable, technical travel suit jacket.

Envoy Jacket

$233.78 was $335.00
Lightweight, ‘Harrington’ style poly-cotton jacket.

Airlight Harrington

$57.50 was $115.00
The tapered version of our technical Jeans Plus.

Jeans Plus Tapered Leg

$76.30 was $97.00
Relaxed, technical fleece half zip jumper.

Boundary Zip Jumper

$65.93 was $95.00
Merino-blend technical base layer.

Merino Union 150 Crew

$44.35 was $69.00
Technical, knit effect fleece cardigan.

Pathway Cardi

$77.00 was $110.00
Smart, protective, town coat.

Crossborder Coat

$115.00 was $230.00
Smart, technical shirt for travel and every day.

Freelance Shirt

$54.89 was $79.00
Expedition shirt with UV and insect protection.

Expedition Shirt

$51.00 was $85.00
Polycotton summer weight shirt.

Fenland Shirt

$35.62 was $55.00
Lightweight, UV protective shirt for hot weather.

Equator Shirt

$54.91 was $69.00
Highly breathable, tennis inspired trainer.


$102.00 was $170.00
Technical travel suit jacket

Envoy Jacket

$211.20 was $352.00