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Women's Clearance

Warm, wool-blend coat for winter travel.

Malmo Jacket

$67.50 was $135.00
Durable, insect repellent, stretch trekking trousers.


$69.00 was $115.00
Relaxed, functional trousers for travel and everyday.

Inish Chino

$39.48 was $87.00
Comfortable, knee-length travel skirt.

Inish Skirt

$39.50 was $79.00
Lightweight and versatile insulating fleece jacket.

Microrib Stowaway Jacket

$69.30 was $99.00
Safari-inspired, multi-pocket, canvas jacket.

Assignment Jacket

$64.19 was $169.00
Versatile, easycare travel shirt.

Leeway Shirt

$38.46 was $65.00
Warm, longer-length wool-blend coat.

Malmo Coat

$127.50 was $255.00
Cosy, longer-length fleece jacket for travel and everyday.

Isla Jacket

$59.50 was $119.00
Warm, technical shirt with brushed cotton aesthetic.

Homestead Shirt

$47.14 was $79.00
Quick-drying knit-effect fleece gloves.

Pathway Gloves

$12.50 was $25.00
Knitted-effect scarf.

Beaufort Scarf

$19.50 was $39.00
Relaxed, casual fleece with a half-zip opening.

Quayside Zip Jumper

$74.13 was $93.00
Technical, tapered ankle-length trousers.

Tangier Trousers Ankle Length

$38.28 was $99.00
Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric.

Stretch Bags

$64.69 was $93.00
Super-soft technical base-layer for active outdoor wear.

Fleet T

$43.92 was $59.00
Super-warm down coat for cold-weather travel.

Nordic Jacket

$199.50 was $399.00
Lightweight, button-through fleece cardigan.

Pathway Cardi

$77.88 was $99.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$75.20 was $95.00
Versatile wet-weather jacket.

Skyline Jacket

$237.97 was $345.00
Lightweight, packable fleece jacket with insulated core.

Spark Fleece Jacket

$94.09 was $135.00
Down padded gilet with Insuloft™ panels.

Daylite Vest

$131.89 was $189.00
Smart casual, linen-blend jacket.

Malay Longline Jacket

$80.03 was $175.00
Class-leading lightweight waterproof shell.

Elite Jacket

$223.61 was $320.00
Insect repellent, convertible, stretch trekking trousers.

Trailblazer Convertible

$77.40 was $129.00
Versatile shorts for walking and active wear.

Roamer Shorts

$49.69 was $79.00
Easycare, linen-blend trousers.

Malay Trousers

$64.02 was $99.00
Technical, cotton-feel crew neck T.

Essence T

$39.41 was $53.00
Technical, wool-blend travel dress.

Merino Union Stripe Dress

$49.50 was $99.00
Reflective, fleece lined gloves.

Michelson Gloves

$19.25 was $33.00
Casual technical top for travel, outdoors and every day.

Stria Top

$39.41 was $53.00
¾ length, fully waterproof town mac.

Landmark Mac

$169.37 was $229.00
Lightweight, waffle effect, crew-neck sweater.

Gridlock Crew

$49.59 was $63.00
A clever, light and ultra-breathable fleece.

Microrib Stowaway Zip

$51.35 was $85.00
Waterproof and breathable jacket for active outdoor use.

Vertex Jacket

$243.40 was $375.00
Lightweight, versatile wadded jacket.

Icepack Jacket

$131.89 was $189.00
UV protective, summer-weight travel trousers.

Thai Trousers

$34.00 was $85.00
Mid-cut slip-on leather boot.

Ecco Babett Boot

$111.30 was $159.00
Lightweight, technical fleece gloves.

Microrib Gloves

$11.50 was $23.00
Luxurious, relaxed fit 100% merino top.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Top

$49.50 was $99.00
Lightweight crew for travel, outdoors and everyday.

Ottoman Crew

$52.56 was $93.00
Our best selling versatile women's walking trousers.


$55.26 was $93.00
Functional, warm fleece gloves.

Quayside Gloves

$10.00 was $25.00
Technical gloves with high pile fleece lining.

Ursus Gloves

$10.00 was $25.00
Relaxed, maxi length linen-blend dress.

Malay Maxi Dress

$92.00 was $115.00
Fleece lined version of our bestselling Roamers.

Winter Roamers

$88.26 was $129.00
Technical, functional trekking trousers.

Summit Trousers

$82.89 was $119.00
Smart casual, linen-blend jacket.

Malay Jacket

$67.50 was $135.00
Lightweight and versatile, waterproof shoe.

ECCO Yura Malm GTX

$125.30 was $179.00
Wind and water resistant, jersey-lined parka.

Meridian Jacket

$83.15 was $179.00
Sporty but feminine, attractive leather pump.

Ecco Sense MJ

$59.40 was $99.00
High-wicking polo for active and every day wear.

Stria Polo

$32.73 was $55.00
Smart, water resistant travel jacket.

All Time Jacket

$80.45 was $135.00
Travel skirt with Coolant™ fabric technology.

Serenity Skirt

$45.10 was $65.00
Pull-on, shower resistant walking trousers.


$62.93 was $79.00
Soft, lined, knit-effect mittens.

Ellesmere Mittens

$12.50 was $25.00
Functional jersey-style travel polo.

Stratum Polo

$32.50 was $65.00
Technical, cotton-feel crew neck T.

Essence T

$28.60 was $39.00
Technical trousers with insect shield® protection.

Tian Trousers

$44.50 was $89.00
Soft, technical scarf.

Ellesmere Scarf

$22.86 was $39.00
Classic piqué polo with technical performance.

Progress Polo

$39.63 was $69.00
Flattering, crease resistant travel dress.

Serenity Dress

$71.20 was $89.00
Linen blend, crease resistant trousers.

Tunis Trousers

$75.00 was $97.00
An essential, wind and rain resistant, active shell.

Windshadow Jacket

$80.45 was $135.00
Water repellent walking trousers with elasticated, tie waist.


$62.93 was $79.00
Versatile trousers for active wear.

Crossover Trousers

$44.50 was $89.00
Linen blend smart/casual travel jacket.

Malay Jacket

$74.25 was $147.00
Linen-blend shift dress perfect for hot weather.

Malay Shift Dress

$77.88 was $99.00
Lightweight, high-wicking top with contrast back panel.

Miya Top

$25.86 was $65.00
Smart/casual, water-resistant travel jacket.

District Jacket

$58.50 was $147.00
Waterproof lined, breathable walking trousers.

Dry Roamers

$80.45 was $135.00
Waterproof, fully wadded, ¾ length coat.

Northshore Coat

$239.66 was $320.00
Versatile, stylish shirt with insect protection.

Tian Shirt

$39.50 was $79.00
Warm-weather travel top.

Malay Top

$39.41 was $74.00
Technical cord skirt.

Ridgeway Cord Skirt

$50.70 was $85.00