Women's Sun protective clothing

Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$72.80 was $105.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

$62.30 was $90.00
Technical travel shirt.

Worldview Shirt

$47.45 was $80.00
Casual technical top for travel, outdoors and every day.

Stria Top

$38.07 was $55.00
Versatile, stylish shirt with insect protection.

Tian Shirt

$55.59 was $80.00
Lightweight hooded top with insect protection.

Trail Hooded Top

$64.28 was $100.00
High-wicking polo for active and everyday wear.

Stria Polo

$39.00 was $65.00
Our best selling versatile women


$77.00 was $105.00
The slim leg version of our technical jeans.

Jeans Slim Leg

Perfectly normal jeans, just much cleverer.

Jeans Straight Leg

Versatile, high-stretch capri trousers.

Pacer Capri

$74.28 was $100.00
Comfortable, functional trousers for travel and everyday

Hometown Trousers

$47.72 was $75.00
Versatile, lightweight summer trousers.


$51.73 was $65.00
Lightweight, tough trekking trousers.

GR Explorers

$87.50 was $125.00
Travel skirt with Coolant fabric technology.

Serenity Long Skirt

$47.45 was $80.00
Smart jeans for everyday and travel.

Venture Jeans

Elegant, ankle-length trouser for travel or work.

Springback Trousers

$52.50 was $105.00
Water repellent walking trousers with elasticated, tie waist.


Insect repellent, convertible, stretch trekking trousers.

Trailblazer Convertibles

Durable, insect repellent, stretch trekking trousers.


Lightweight chinos with Insect Shield® technology.

Tour Chinos

$80.55 was $125.00
Lightweight, technical trousers.

Gobi Trousers

$58.15 was $90.00
Neck tube with sun and insect protection.

Trail Neck Tube

Cover up shawl with UV and insect protection.

Trail Shawl

Insect repellent sun cap with cowl.

Trailblazer Cowl Cap

$30.00 was $50.00