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Women's Insulation

Super-warm down coat for cold-weather travel.

Nordic Jacket

$159.60 was $399.00
Down padded gilet with Insuloft™ panels.

Daylite Vest

$105.51 was $189.00
Lightweight, versatile wadded jacket.

Icepack Jacket

$105.51 was $189.00
Lightweight, packable fleece jacket with insulated core.

Spark Fleece Jacket

$75.27 was $135.00
Warm, functional, 3/4 length town coat.

Cocoon Coat

$128.44 was $255.00
Lightweight, water-repellent wadded vest.

Icepack Vest

$75.27 was $135.00
Waterproof, fully wadded, ¾ length coat.

Northshore Coat

$191.72 was $320.00